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Garden ornaments, decoration and yard art


Your backyard or garden should reflect your personality and unique vision. Designing your landscape is more than plant placement and setting paths. Garden art or decor lets your personality shine through. Garden statues and yard art can add year round visual interest. All without getting dirty hands. 


Garden gnomes and varied lawn ornaments can complement flowers and plants. Wind chimes or bells can bring soothing sounds to relaxing evenings. A larger piece of garden art or sculpture can be a focal point in your landscape design. Whatever your vision, the outdoor collection at Chirp and Co. will help you attain it.


Chirp and Co. has a range of garden art, statues, and backyard decor. Much of our collection is locally made and we enjoy supporting area artists. From lawn gnomes and fairies to statues and wind ornaments of all sizes, Chirp and Co. has many choices.


Garden art and decoration:


  • Statues

  • Bells and wind chimes

  • Bird baths

  • Lawn gnomes and fairies

  • Animal statues

  • Focal points and accent pieces​

  • Mason Bee Homes

  • Flags and garden markers

  • Locally-made crafts

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